Wine Tasting 11am - 5pm every day.


Wine Tastings are free to Wine Club Members.  $15 per person for 5 Tastes of  our Wine Menu.  Find us at 2801 Jamul Highlands Road, Jamul, CA 91935

Wine Tasting Jamul, CA

For an exceptional service experience, we recommend groups of 8 or larger make a reservation.

 $15 Per Person for Tastings.  Free to Wine Club Members.

Wine Tastings includes 5 Tastes of any wine we have on our Weekly Wine Menu.  Tastings are available at the production facility.  Come enjoy our award winning red and white wines.   Occasionally we offer Tastes from the barrel, a sample of what is coming.

Tastings are complimentary for Wine Club Members.  We recommend you call us for a reservation with groups larger than eight, to ensure we can provide exceptional service.    

Remember to bring a picnic and enjoy your visit.